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Technology. Function. Performance. Results. One follows the other from every machine's design and manufactured to each client's individualized use. It's the theme behind the development of the entire Eagle line. For example, their Dual Axis Technology helps you achieve greater results by maximizing the load on the muscle, with less stress on the joint. If your members demand superior results, you need Cybex Eagle.

Model: Eagle Chest Press  
  • Unit Size: 58"W x 54"L x 78"H
  • Unit Weight: 671 lbs.
  • Weight Stack: 305 lbs.
  • Second Generation Patented dual Axis technology allows users to define their own paths of movement, as well as providing a converging path motion for greater individual performance.
  • Gas spring assisted seat and back pad for easy adjustments
  • Overhead pivot provides a natural path of motion
  • Independent arm motion encourages symmetrical strength development

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Eagle Chest Press

Model: Eagle Abdominal  
  • Unit Size: 40"W x 65"L x 78"H
  • Unit Weight: 679 lbs.
  • Weight Stack: 285 lbs.
  • Patent pending pelvic stabilization system with adjustable foot brace allows users to "Lock into" the hip pad for optimal pelvic stabilization.
  • Isolates abdominal muscles and trains a more complete range of correct spinal flexion movement without adjustment.
  • An Innovative input design allows a wide variety of user sizes to perform correct movement without adjustment.
  • A hip pad includes a curved lumbar section to promote full range of motion

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Eagle Abdominal

Model: Eagle Leg Press  
  • Unit Size: 41" W x 71" L x 75" H
  • Unit Weight: 1031 lbs
  • Weight Stack: 505 lbs.
  • Patent pending articulating carriage design enables the seat back to recline through the movement allowing for greater hip range of motion and hip extensor involvement.
  • Adjustable footplate has damped floating action for ease of adjustment
  • Seat back angle is adjustable with five positions
  • Large footplate surface allows far a variety of foot placement positions

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Eagle Leg Press


The Cybex VR3 resistance strength line exercises the theory that form and performance belong together. VR3 is a collection of machines that combine striking appearance,excellent performance, genuine comfort and accessibility - without sacrificing the goal of functionality. If you want form and performance, the VR3 line delivers both.

Model: VR3 Leg Extension  
  • Unit Size: 49" L x 41" W x 64"H
  • Weight Stack: 245 lbs, Standard / 305 lbs, Heavy Stack Upgrade
  • RLD maintains integrity of force curve while providing adjustment for appropriate starting position.
  • Spring assisted back pad for easy adjustment
  • Leg pad positioning is instinctive for user and virtually effortless
  • Offset input arm provides for positioning without affecting the starting angle of the knee.
  • Back pad is angled 100 degrees from seat bottom to relieve hamstring tension.

VR3 Leg Extension

Model: VR3 Glute  
  • Unit Size: 63" L x 42" W x 64" H
  • Weight Stack: 245 lbs standard / 305 lbs. Heavy Stack Upgrade
  • Curvilinear path of motion encourages gluteal involvement without relying on precisely aligned hip placement.
  • Adjustable abdominal support add to spinal alignment
  • Unique adjustable shin support allows for optimal pad location. Positioning the knee under the hip allows proper alignment of the spine during use.

VR3 Glute


The Cybex VR1 line is value-engineered to provide a space-saving, elegant design that lets you offer a comprehensive strength conditioning system regardless of the size of your facility. Your members get a more effective workout, and you get a line of strength training machines that fits your facility's needs.

Model: VR1 Chest Press  
  • Unit Size: 35" L x 52" W x 68" H
  • Weight Stack: 150 lbs. Standard / 220 lbs. Heavy Stack Upgrade
  • Overhead pivot provides a natural path of motion
  • Dual grips provide a barbell grip to emphasize the chest, or a vertical grip to emphases the anterior deltoid.
  • The seat adjusts to accommodate user height. Pressing arm adjusts for range of motion and user limb length.
  • Available with gas spring assisted seat.

VR1 Chest Press

Model: VR1 Lat Pull  
  • Unit Size: 60" L x 43" W x 89" H
  • Weight Stack: 150 lbs. Standard / 220 lbs. Heavy Stack Upgrade
  • Forward Aligned pulley encourages correct form.
  • Adjustable thigh pads accommodates users of all sizes.

VR1 Lat Pull Down

VR1 Duals

The New VR1 duals are an extension of the VR1 selectorized line that future capitalizes on the compact footprint by utilizing multi-function mechanisms. Building upon the VR1 platform provides exceptional flexibility for fitting a facility with the most effective and space-efficient layout.

Model: VR1 Dual Multi-Press  
  • Unit Size: 78" L x 51" W x 62" H
  • Weight Stack: 220 lbs. Standard/ 150 lbs. Light Stack Option
  • This three in one Multi-press provides a Chest Press, Incline Press and Overhead Press in a single package.
  • The seat assembly adjusts by the way of a single detent knob and provides three position choices in both he Overhead and Incline Press movements.
  • To ensure appropriate positioning and range of motion, the pressing arm includes five starting positions.
    * The grips are angled to ensure a comfortable neutral wrist position for each of the movements.

VR1 Dual Multi-Press
Model: VR1 Dual Lat/Row  
  • Unit Size: 73" L x 50" W x 83" H
  • Weight Stack: 220 lbs. Standard / 150 lbs. Light Stack Option
  • The VR1 Lat/Row goes well beyond what other dual Lat/Rows are capable of. The unique rotating arm allows the handles to be positioned in any one of nine positions providing everything from a traditional lat pull to a low row.
  • The dual grips allow for independent exercise and the bearing support pulleys track effortlessly with the user's motion.
  • The adjustable thigh support adjusts for user height and provides for stabilization in lat and included pull motions, while the foot bar provides for stabilization during row movements.

VR1 Dual Lat/Row

MG 525

Model: MG-525 Multi-Gym  

Are you looking to provide your guests, resident, or employees with a simple way to stay fit - without taking up a lot of space or hiring a staff of trainers to supervise their workouts? The Cybex MG-525 is a versatile multi gym that offers biomechanically correct exercises for a full body workout in a sleek, compact, 67 square foot package. Three people can get fit at the same time on this all-in-one gym. All of the exercises were developed in coordination with the Cybex Institute for Exercise Science - so they are safe to perform for everyone from the serious strength trainers to those who just want to work up a sweat. Now everyone can enjoy a complete workout on quality strength equipment created by the fitness equipment company with a proven track record for rugged reliability and low maintenance. The Cybex MG-525 is built to be used by everyday athletes and traveling superstars committed to getting and staying fit.


  • Unit Size: 83" L x 119" W x 88'H
  • Unit Total Weight: 904 lbs
  • Weight Stacks: Three 200 lbs weight stacks
  • Frame Color: Platinum Sparkle with Black Chrome enclosures
  • Upholstery Color: Black & Gray Trim
Cybex MG-525

Cybex Jungle Gym

Model: Jungle Gym  

One glance at the Cybex Jungle Gym and you know that the Cybex engineers were serious about taking modular, multi-purpose strength training equipment to a whole new level. This professional quality system has the look, feel and performance you expect from a company that's serious about fitness. The Jungle Gym is more than an ideal complement to the Cybex equipment your members already know and trust. It's an essential part of any well balanced facility committed to offering members a well rounded workout.

You can configure this multi-station performer to the needs of your facility, no matter how challenging the environment. From the free standing cable crossover to a four stack with the attached cable crossover to two four stacks connected by a cable crossover, the Cybex Jungle Gym is the right fit for your facility and everyone in it. Like your members, it belongs in your club.

This fitness club staple is made from cold rolled solid steel and engineered to highest standards, So you can expect the rugged reliability and low maintenance that have become the Cybex trademark.

You can use the modular building blocks to create a professional quality multi-gym to accommodate everyone from serious strength trainers, to members who are just getting started on the road to fitness. Call today to have Fittrax help you configure a system that would best fit your needs.

Cybex Jungle Gym

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