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Strength Training

Multi Purpose Bench

A modern, multi-purpose bench designed to work with any functional trainers, free weight systems and dumbbells.

  • Adjusts from flat to incline in 6 different positions, from 0 degrees to 85 degrees.
  • Back pad slides along the frame to close the gap and find that perfect fit. 8 Different adjustments points.
  • Back pad doubles as a knee hold down for lat pulls.
  • Handle and wheels for easy transportation.
  • Rated for up to 800 lbs.

 Fittrax Strength Tip:

Correct Workout Order

When working out it is best to train larger
muscles first and smaller muscles last.
Training large muscle groups (thighs,
chest, and back) will take a majority of
your energy; therefore you need to train
your large muscle groups when you are
at your strongest.

Smaller muscles (biceps, triceps, and
forearms) should be trained after larger
muscles because they don't require as
much energy to train. If you train smaller
muscles first then you will not have
enough strength left to train your
larger muscles.

For example: If you train your biceps first,
then you will not have enough strength in
your arms to train your back muscles.
Order of exercises really helps in your
development of a great physique!

 Fittrax Recommends:

Whether you are doing a warm-up stretch
or a cool-down stretch, the stretches will
basically be the same. You want to make
sure you are stretching your whole body
even if you are just working your legs or
just your arms. You might indirectly work
other parts of your body without even
knowing it.

You also want to make sure you stretch
period because it might be tempting to
skip the stretch and just hop on a machine. Your muscles need to be prepped up or
else you may be sore the next day or the
day after that.

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