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Crossfit Sledge Hammers

Sledge Hammer
Model: Crossfit Sledge Hammers

Driving a sledgehammer into a tire is also beneficial because of the rebound after striking. Having to control the implement will develop balance and awareness at point-of-contact. While it employs the muscles usually associated with triple extension of the posterior chain, the sledgehammer works them in reverse, which is more relevant to striking or taking-down an opponent in a wrestling context. Sledgehammer training will also develop core and rotational strength, cardiovascular fitness as well as providing rigorous conditioning for the wrists, arms, and shoulders. The sledgehammer can also be swung in different ways to unite different movement patterns.
Sledge Hammer closeup

Sledgehammers from Fittrax are available in three weights: 10, 15 and 20 lbs. Fittrax hammers are engineered for exercise, rather than labor; the hammer is a steel head, welded to a steel shaft for unbreakable reliability. The shaft is finished with a light knurling to provide a grip.

10 lbs. = $34.95

15 lbs. = $49.95

20 lbs. = $64.95