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 Curl Bars
Curl Bars
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Curl Bars

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Curl Bars
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Olympic Curl Bars

The Curl Bar is the quickest way to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition.  A proven favorite of bodybuilders everywhere, this bar isolates and intensifies development of the bicep and forearm muscles. Biomechanically angled dual grips allow you to avoid injury and achieve maximum gains. Each set of grips strategically target the inner and outer bicep heads.


Olympic 47" Curl Bar- Chrome (sku# OB47) = $125.00


Olympic Curl Bar- Black (sku# OB47B) = $125.00


Olympic Combo Bar (sku# OB48) = $145.00

This bar combines innovative design with superior performance and dependability. Two separate grip positions vary the isolation of the bicep and triceps muscles to dramatically increase upper arm size.

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