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Ball Rebounder
Ball Rebounder
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Ball Rebounder

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Ball Rebounder
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Ball Rebounder

Improve your speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination and much more with the GBR10 Ball Rebounder.

The GBR10 adds variety to strength and cardio workouts with a number of tossing exercises that work muscles in innovative ways. Coupled with the adjustable 30 to 60-degree angle, the GBR10 ensures a wide diversity of exercise possibilities.

Whether training for increased strength, sports performance or rehabilitation — the GBR10 offers safe and consistent solo workout options for the upper body, core and more.

Four stabilization posts ensure the GBR10 stays in place even under the most strenuous of workouts while in-unit medicine ball storage keeps workout spaces clean and organized. The GBR10 also covers springs with fabric guaranteeing a longer life on your medicine balls.

Perfect for functional/cross training, circuits, sports and rehab, the GBR10 is an ideal tool to add variety, speed and explosiveness to any workout program.

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