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Cable Cross Resistance Tubes
Cable Cross Resistance Tubes
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Cable Cross Resistance Tubes

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Cable Cross Resistance Tubes
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Cable Cross Resistance Tubes

Our CABLE CROSS RESISTANCE TUBES are custom made for Crossover Symmetry programs with the absolute best performance in mind. After many hours of testing and improving all internal components, we are proud to announce that our Cable Cross cords are here and ready to go where no cord has gone before.

These Cable Cross Resistance Tubes are designed to get you the results that you demand. Each resistance tube is engineered to withstand even the most intense training session. Its heavy-duty design features a premium rubber core and a protective sheath cover.

The Cable Cross Resistance Tubes are a strong, durable tubing, sold as a pair, and available in five, color-coded resistance levels.


Protective Sheath Covering

The Protective Sheath covering serves to extend the life of your exercise equipment. The sheath covers the Premium Rubber Core, and prevents you from stretching the tubing to dangerous extremes, by enforcing its fixed length as the extension limit. The sheath also features color coded resistance markers to make it more easily identifiable for a more seamless transition from one resistance level to another.


Ergo Grip Handle

The Ergo-Grip handle make working with these Resistance Tubes much more comfortable, and also helps reduce grip fatigue. They are also labelled and color coded for quick resistance level identification. The rounded edges on the handle are not abrasive on the handle strap, therefore preventing fraying and extending the life of your equipment even further.

The other end of the CABLE CROSS resistance tubing is a carabiner that can be secured onto a variety of anchors.


Level & Resistance Weight

Light - RED

Medium - BLACK

Heavy - PURPLE

Very-Heavy - GREEN

Ultra-Heavy - BLUE


·       Industrial-strength handles with Ergo-grip handles

·       Premium-grade resistance tubing design

·       Best resistance tubing for safety, durability and function

·       Available in multiple resistance levels for different fitness levels

·       Ideal space saving piece of equipment for exercising on the go


   Power Cord Anchors – pair


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