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Chin Dip Assist
Chin Dip Assist
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Chin Dip Assist

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Chin Dip Assist

·         Two steps for easier and safer access.

·         Dip Handles rotate to accommodate different size users.

·         Three handle positions and rock-climbing grips.

·         Standard 200 lbs. stack for 170 lbs. of counterweight.

·         Compact size: 42"(W) x 51"(L) x 87" (H)





·         Steel shrouds powder coated and clear coated for a mar resistant and lustrous finish.

·         Standard 200 lbs. tiered weight stack is upgradeable in 50 lbs. increments to 300 lbs.

·         Can be attached to Liberator or Vanguard Multi-Gyms.


·         Climbing Rope Attachment  



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