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CrossCore Kettlebell and Ring Straps
CrossCore Kettlebell and Ring Straps
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CrossCore Kettlebell and Ring Straps

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CrossCore Kettlebell and Ring Straps
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CrossCore® Kettlebell and Ring Straps attach in just seconds to your CrossCore180® carabineers. These straps are great for attaching Kettlebells, dumbbells and even sandbags so that isolation exercises can be performed such as bicep curls and triceps extensions. They are also a great way to attach gymnastics rings for rotational ring training.

Can be used to attach a Kettlebell or dumbbell on one side of your CrossCore180® for exercise routines using a counterweight.

Can also be used for connecting gymnastics rings in place of handles.

Includes one pair of Kettlebell/Ring straps only. Kettlebells, Dumbbells and Rings not included in this purchase.

Limited One Year Warranty

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