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Deluxe Storage Tower
Deluxe Storage Tower
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Deluxe Storage Tower

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Deluxe Storage Tower
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Deluxe Storage Tower

The SMART Deluxe Storage Tower is a progressive fitness training package intended for multiple users engaged in group personal training and other small group exercise instruction. The Deluxe Storage Tower provides key tools to target core, stability, strength, and stretching. The Deluxe Storage Tower easily offers fitness training options for a half dozen exercisers (or more) working out at once in fitness boot camps, community recreation fitness classes, senior fitness classes, group personal training, hotel fitness centers, and other recreational or group training environments where convenience and versatility are important. The Deluxe Storage Tower is a great way to offer group fitness members, apartment residents, and hotel guests the proper training accessories to guide them towards a physical and mental state of better well-being in a convenient and well-organized setting.

Don't stare at your training tools, wondering what to do with them. Exercises may be obvious to a personal trainer, but the rest of us need help and reminders, which is why we launched the Smart family of Self-Guided Fitness Products. Multiple exercises on each product guide users through an effective workout program. The Deluxe Storage Tower features the innovative SMART Self-Guided Instruction on the stability balls, medicine balls, exercise mats, and foam rollers to take the user or users through a comprehensive and safe workout.

The USA-made Deluxe Storage Tower holds all of the included self-guided fitness products and additional fitness accessories and is perfect for small group workout environments as well as unattended workout facilities such as hotel gyms and multi-unit housing recreation centers. Everything has its proper place to easily locate, use, and then return again to the rack. Organization never looked so good!


Deluxe Storage Tower Includes:

(2) Self-Guided SMART Mats - 16mm Thick - Blue (400-150-031)

(2) Self-Guided SMART Rollers - 6 x 24 - Green (400-150-020)

(1) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 4 lb. - Yellow (400-150-001)

(2) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 6 lb. - Orange (400-150-002)

(2) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 8 lb. - Green (400-150-003)

(1) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 10 lb. - Blue (400-150-004)

(1) Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball - 55 cm - Yellow (400-150-010)

(1) Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball - 65 cm - Green (400-150-011)

(1) Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball - 75 cm - Blue (400-150-012)

(1) Fitness Cable - 20 lb. Resistance - Purple (400-230-002)

(1) Fitness Cable - 30 lb. Resistance - Pink (400-230-003)

(1) Fitness Cable - 50 lb. Resistance - Orange (400-230-005)

(1) Fitness Cable - 70 lb. Resistance - Yellow (400-230-007)

(1) Fitness Cable - 90 lb. Resistance - Blue (400-230-009)

(5) Pairs Smart Slide Quick Switch Flex Handles (400-160-001)

(1) Self-Guided Storage Tower (400-150-135)



·   Exercises are printed on stability balls, medicine balls, exercise mats, and rollers for easy reference

·   Commercial-grade product can be used in any environment

·       Convenient storage rack allows for easy access to all products and keeps products organized



Unit Dimensions (tower fully loaded with all accessories): 70" W x 30" D x 90" H

Unit Dimensions (tower only with no accessories): 68" W x 25" D x 74" H

Unit Weight: 190 lbs.

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