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Element TITANIUM Duel Leg Extension / Curl
Element TITANIUM Duel Leg Extension / Curl
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Element TITANIUM Duel Leg Extension / Curl

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Element TITANIUM Duel Leg Extension / Curl
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Element TITANIUM Duel Leg Extension / Curl 

Create strong, powerful legs with the help of the exceptional Element Duel Leg Curl and Leg Extension Machine. Not only will this machine target your glutes, hamstrings and calves, it is also one of the most effective and efficient ways to seriously work the quads. Perfect for helping maintain a solid stance and healthy posture, regular training of the leg muscles will also promote explosive speed and muscular endurance for improved athletic performance in sports such as running, cycling, skating, skiing, snowboarding, football, rugby, mixed martial arts, basketball and volleyball. Comfortable and easy to use this stunning piece of gym apparatus is part of the exceptional Element TITANIUM Line. 

Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of a busy commercial gym environment, the Duel Leg Curl and Leg Extension Machine boasts a high quality finish with robust frame and durable upholstery. The padded seat and back rest provide support and additional comfort so you can train comfortably.Using only the best components, this machine provides smooth, fluid movements that make working out a real pleasure. 

The 275 lbs. weight stack will keep your muscles challenged and engaged as your training progresses, while the stack guards offer additional safety so you can exercise in complete confidence. A conveniently placed User Instruction Placard is a great reference tool that shows how to use the machine effectively and efficiently, as well as what specific muscles are being worked. Bright yellow weight selector and seat adjustment pins have been incorporated to assist the visually impaired. 

Unit Size: 58”L x 48”W x 60”H

Unit Weight: 330 lbs.

Unit Weight Stack: 200 lbs.

• Incremental weight stack

• USA made military grade cables

• High-tech oval tubing

• Highlighted cam & seat adjustment levers

• Double stitched, high density foam upholstery with wrap-around sleeve. (Can be customized with your logo)

• Rubber feet to prevent scratches or movement

• Aluminum capped handles

• Water bottle and cell phone holder

• Placards for quick reference of targeted muscles & proper machine use.


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