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Evolution Series E-720A UBE/Cycle XT
First Degree Evolution Series E-720A UBE/Cycle XT
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Evolution Series E-720A UBE/Cycle XT

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First Degree Evolution Series E-720 UBE/Cycle XT
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Our Multi-function Cycle Cross Trainer for Home or Health Club

The E-720A Fluid Cycle XT (Cross Trainer) applies fluid resistance to recumbent cycling and also functions as an upper body ergometer. The combination of fluid resistance to cycling and upper body strength building gives an individual a novel whole body workout in one piece of equipment. With 20 levels of patented variable adjustment this is ideal for the family that may encompass fitness levels from sedentary to athlete in training. Now, instead of buying several pieces of large equipment or a very large multi-functional equipment, you can get a great cardio and calorie burn and a great upper and lower body strength training device all in one. This is also perfect for the mini-gym, small office or hospitality industry where “choice” equipment has to work within limited space confines. Larger gyms or wellness centers should delight in being able to apply fluid resistance beyond rowing while continuing the high benefits of cycling.               


•20 level patented Variable Fluid Resistance – Cycling in itself is already an exciting workout options, but when you add in 20 levels of fluid resistance, it just presents a far more gratifying workout experience. The same is true when you work out your arms and upper body as just an added benefit in one piece of equipment.

•Dual function, upper & lower body ergometer – Yes, there is an obvious space saving utility in having two serious functions in one piece of equipment. Beyond that, there are no cumbersome adjustments to make as you switch from cycling to upper body and this equipment easily adjusts to your height with just a spin on a handle it alternates between UBE and cycle.


•Dual use pedal/hand grip (patent applied) – Each grip is sure and each Is comfortable.

•Operates in forward & reverse directions - This unique feature demonstrates the user flexibility empowered by the E-720A.

•Counter balanced main arm rotates through 360 degrees. Easy, intuitive conversion between UBE and cycle.


•Low seat height - 54cm (21") swivels for ease of access – Comfort in and out.

•Interactive Performance Monitor – Gives you an array of vital performance data and allows you to program various workout settings.

•Contoured "soft touch" seat with lumbar support. Comfort, support and a great workout. 

•Heart rate reception built in – Great cardio with accurate reporting.

•Compact footprint – Huge benefit in a modest size. This is a very sturdy device yet it takes a lot less space than other quality options.

Unit Size: 48"L x 37"W

Max User Weight: 330 lbs.

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