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Extreme Monkey Professional Driving Power Sled Red
Extreme Monkey Professional Driving Power Sled Red
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Extreme Monkey Professional Driving Power Sled Red

Part Number: XM-100-DSLED
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Extreme Monkey Professional Driving Power Sled Red
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Model: Extreme Monkey Professional Driving Power Sled Red

The Professional Driving Power Sled is the most durable Push / Pull Sled in the market today. 


Fully welded construction with zero bolts on the frame.

Now with new and improved High Density Nylon replaceable feet, allowing you EZ movement direction.

The SOLID 80 lbs. frame and the two solid steel push posts ensure stability.

The removable posts (2) allow you to change your direction without having to turn the sled around.

Unit Size: 46"L x 32"W 


Model: Xtreme Monkey landmine insert for red sled 

This landmine attaches to the Xtreme Monkey RED SLED.  Just add your Olympic bar for a challenging, functional core workout!

Description: The Xtreme Monkey landmine insert for red sled is ideal for all types of rotational torso training as well as upper body training. All you have to do is slip one Bars in the rotational sleeve and you are ready to go.


• Multi-directional swivel allows you to do rotational exercises and presses.

• Add your weight plates for greater resistance.

• Core Strength and Stability

• Rotational Strength

• Upper body Mobility

• Shoulder Stability

• Movements Include: Russian twists, one arm dead lifts, one arm rows, shrugs, choppers and much more

(sku# XM-100-LMI-DS) 


Model: Xtreme Monkey Multi-Purpose Harness - Sled/Resistance

Train like the top athletes around the world with the World Sport brand Speed and Agility Training Belt. This training device is used in the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, and in almost every top soccer team around the world. This harness is designed to aid in the development of your explosive linear speed.

Includes: adjustable harness and pull cord

Item may be slightly different than what appears in the picture, as we continue to improve our products.

Xtreme Monkey Low Push Option for Red Sled

The low push handle attachment allows you to change up your grip options to focus on being explosive and staying low.


XM Red Sled Drive Pad


XM Red Sled Drive Pad is compatible with the Xtreme Monkey Red Sled. It’s the perfect addition to add versatility and a new tool to add to your strength and conditioning training. The set includes the upright posts as well as the pads.



These uprights post’s only work with the Profession Driving Sled shown below, the sled does include two upright posts already but these will allow you to have a faster transition from one direction to another by having driving posts on every corner.

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