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FM5 Percussion Massage FitGun
FM5 Percussion Massage FitGun
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FM5 Percussion Massage FitGun

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FM5 Percussion Massage FitGun
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FM5 Percussion Massage FitGun

Introducing the Revolutionary Fittrax FM5 Percussion Massage FitGun!

What is a Percussion Massage Gun?

Percussive therapy is a method of inducing blood flow in a rapid manner to soft tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. With a series of concentrated pulses on one particular spot, it can relax local connective tissue, ease areas long haunted by scars or surgery, and increase the flow of infection-fighting white blood cells.

Obviously, percussive massages are nothing new. The Swedish technique of tapotement is a favorite in massage parlors, whereby the masseuse beats, slaps or hacks the back with the edge of his or her hand. Tissue work, meanwhile, is a common recuperative practice in the gym, which can be administered by pressing deep into the muscle with a tennis or lacrosse ball. The FM5 FitGun takes it to another level with each of those methods administered through a convenient high-powered machine.


15 Speeds: The 15 levels of massage speed will meet your own personal intensity needs. With speeds from 1600 to 3000 RPM you’ll find the strength that suits you perfectly.   

Low Operation Volume: The unit operates quietly at a less than 60 decibels.

Display Timing Function: A ground breaking bright LED display conveniently shows you your session Time, Speed and Intensity Levels as well as the current battery level.  

Unit Design: The lightweight 1.7 lbs. & stylish triangle design is perfectly balanced to reduce wrist fatigue.

Attachments: Developed with the standards of enhancing athletic performance the M5 includes 5 interchangeable heads designed to alleviate all kinds of muscle soreness and discomfort.

·       Large Spherical Massage Head: Suitable for massage thighs and buttocks.

·       Spherical Massage Head: Suitable for arms, waist and back.

·       U-shaped Head: Suitable for the neck and spine.

·       Cone-shape Massage Head: Suitable for deep tissue, palm and soles of your feet.

·       Flat Head: Suitable for muscle relaxation and shaping.


Weight: 1.7 lbs.

Size: 3.5” X 7.8”

Power input: 110V

Speed: 15 Levels (1600-3000Rpm/min)

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery (3 hours)

Package includes:

1* FM5 Massage Gun

1* User Manual

2* Batteries

1* Battery Charger

1* Flat Head

1* U-shaped Head

1* Large Massage Head

1* Standard Massage Head

1* Cone-shape Massage Head

1* Hard-Shell Carrying Case

1* Accessory Zipper Tote

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