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FitRig 14-4 Free Standing Rig V1
FitRig 14-4 Free Standing Rig V1
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FitRig 14-4 Free Standing Rig V1

Part Number: FR-FS144V1
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FitRig 14-4 Free Standing Rig V1
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FitRig 14-4 Free Standing Rig V1

The FitRig 14-4V1 Free Standing rig is the most popular rig size that people set up.

The 14' width allows up to 4 x squat stations and 2 x 6' spacers perfect for pullups, suspension training, functional training and much more.

The base unit seen in this pictures includes 4 x J Hooks to allow for squats, bench press & much more.

The 11 gauge 3 x3 powder coated finish is built to last.

Commercial rated but priced affordably that you would put it in your home. The FitRig series accommodates over 15 different attachments allowing you to customize your rig system to your ultimate training machine.

The FR 14-4 V1 includes:

* 8 x 9’ Upright

* 4 x 4’ Rectangular Crossbeam

* 2 x 6’ Rectangular Crossbeam

* 8 x 4’ Crossbar

* 2 x 6' Crossbar

* 4 x Pair of J Hooks

* Full set of hardware included.

* Including concrete floor bolts.

Price: $2,495.00 (sku# FR-FS144V1)

UPGRADE: 6’ Deep Rig $2,650.00 (sku# FR-FS146V1)



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