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Fittrax Plate Loaded Home Trainer
Fittrax Plate Loaded Home Trainer
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Fittrax Plate Loaded Home Trainer

Part Number: FHT200
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Fittrax Plate Loaded Home Trainer

Perform shrugs, squats, dead lifts, biceps curls and everything in-between more easily and effective. With a newly improved and revolutionary space-saving design, our FHT200 fits comfortably into most home settings.  

The swing arm/press arm station has a large radius of movement and can be used in a dependent or independent action. 

Multiple range-of-motion points allow you to find your perfect starting point. 

The press arm bar can also be raised to its highest position allowing the FHT200 to be used as a pull-up/chin-up station. 

The main press arm’s key pivot point is anchored with steel bearing cartridge for a smooth maintenance free movement.   

An adjustable knee lock-down makes Lat Pulldowns easier than ever while the low pulley station is perfect for curls and multiple row exercises. 

Attached weight horns make weight storage and loading easy.

The optional premium FSB200 Flat/Incline Bench can slide in and out allowing for ease-of-use and a smooth transition from exercise-to-exercise while attached wheels make transport a breeze. The stand-alone design allows bench to be used completely independently of the gym system.

* Please note:  The frame color shipping will be Black frame with Black pads. 


·       Aircraft Grade Cables

·       Nylon Pulleys

·       Lat Bar Storage

·       2 sets of Oly. Collars included  

·       Rounded Metal Tubing; Stronger than square tubing

·       Max Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.

·       9.75" Olympic Weight Posts on Press Arm and Weight Carriage

·       Sealed Ball Bearing Pivot Point

·       Welded Metal caps for high-traffic areas

Unit Size: 59.5” L x 56.75” W x 83.5” H

Frame Color: Black (All Units Shipping Will Have a Black Frame Only)

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