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GoFit Core Stability Disk
GoFit Core Stability Disk
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GoFit Core Stability Disk

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GoFit Core Stability Disk
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GF-CDISK_StabiltyDiskRED_SoloThe GoFit Core Stability Disk is an excellent way to add a new level of difficulty to any workout, including yoga or Pilates, while exercising core muscles to increase balance and develop stability.
The 13″ GoFit Core Stability Disk is made of easy-to-clean, soft red vinyl. Very portable and easy to store, the Core Stability Disk helps you reach expandable fitness goals—increase the difficulty as your ability improves.
The smooth side of the disk is less difficult, whereas the textured “reflexology” side has a higher degree of difficulty, offering a more challenging workout. “Reflexology” is the act of massaging, or pushing on parts of the feet, for a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, and improved general health.
Size: 13″ Diameter

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