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GoFit Power Tubes
GoFit Power Tubes
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GoFit Power Tubes

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GoFit Power Tubes
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These new Power Tubes are an ideal workout tool that can be used for both strength training and rehabilitation. All power tubes come with an exercise guide to help step you through the many, effective options for resistance tube training.
All Power Tubes are now available in a wider range of weight resistance, including two new weights. You can now select from 5 lbs., 10 lbs., 15 lbs., 20 lbs., 25 lbs., or 30 lbs. Power Tubes are the perfect, lightweight exercise equipment for you to train at home or while traveling. Wherever you are, achieve an ultimate workout with Power Tubes.

Resistance tubes are not all created equal. GoFit Power Tubes are designed with a unique, reinforcing “Inner Cord” coil within the premium-grade tubing. Scientifically tested by a professional, independent lab, this technology is shown to lessen the probability of tube snap back. 

GF-4TCD-5   –  5 lbs. Ultimate PowerTube with DVD = $14.99

GF-4TCD-10 – 10 lbs. Ultimate PowerTube with DVD = $16.90

GF-4TCD-15 – 15 lbs. Ultimate PowerTube with DVD = $18.90

GF-4TCD-25 – 25 lbs. Ultimate PowerTube with DVD = $22.90

GF-4TCD-30 – 30 lbs. Ultimate PowerTube with DVD = $24.90

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