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Gravity Bar
Gravity Bar
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Gravity Bar

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Gravity Bar
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Gravity Bar


Bring Body-Weight training into your home for the first time, using the revolutionary GoFit Gravity Bar, which easily and securely mounts in any standard door frame, with included hardware.


What is Body-Weight Training? It is the act of defying gravity by lifting your body weight, while being suspended above the Earth's surface. Before now, doing this type of training inside your home was virtually impossible. Now, your body is the only gym you will ever need. 

If you weigh 200 pounds then you have the equivalency of a 200-pound weight stack at your ready. To adjust your resistance or "weight stack" simply increase or decrease your body angle. 

Having a weight limit of 300 lbs., the GoFit Gravity Bar literally makes your body weight all the resistance you will ever need to perform world class exercises.



• 45-minute training DVD, featuring expert instruction methods from certified fitness professional and world-class athlete, Os Aponte. Our training DVD focuses on numerous exercises designed to give you ultimate control of your own level of resistance. You can begin as a novice and quickly transition to more advanced techniques.

• Easily and securely-mountable Gravity Bar Mounting hardware (Mounts on any standard door frame) Mounting Brackets are 1.5" wide by 7.5" long.

• 2 Variable Length Straps

• 2 Comfort Grip Foam Handles

• 2 Padded Cradle Straps

• Training DVD with Professional Guidance & Coaching

• Laminated Exercise Booklet


Fits framed doorway sizes 27" to 36".

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