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Hanging Ab Slings
Hanging Ab Slings
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Hanging Ab Slings

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Hanging Ab Slings
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Model: Hanging Ab Slings

The Hanging Ab Slings are ideal for hanging leg raises and abdominal work, with sweat and rip-resistant nylon straps that help target your muscles from all angles. The generous 8"-wide straps allow for even weight distribution.  
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The slings feature extra foam cushioning for comfort and steel clips allow straps to be attached to any secure overhead bar, up to 1.5" in diameter.
Hanging Ab Staps_Model_B (2)Hanging Ab Strap Features:

  • Ideal for hanging leg raises and abdominal work
  • Sweat and rip-resistant nylon straps
  • Targets muscles at all angles
  • Wide straps for even weight distribution
  • Extra foam cushioning for comfort
  • Secure steel clips
  • Sold in pairs

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