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LEXCO LS-104 Shoulder Press
LEXCO LS-104 Shoulder Press
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LEXCO LS-104 Shoulder Press

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LEXCO LS-104 Shoulder Press

Our LS Selectorized Strength Series is loaded with premium features that we included as standard equipment such as: gas assisted seat adjustments, easy-to-use control levers with push buttons for quick ROM adjustments, full length shrouds, ABS seat back covers, preformed memory foam pads with marine grade upholstery that is resistant to sweat and more. Our biomechanic experts have designed each unit for proper ergonomics and muscle recruitment to ensure the user achieves excellent results. When possible, we utilize independent movement arms on converging & diverging axis for enhanced results. In all, our LS Strength Series will provide the best possible exercise for users of all abilities.   


·       Unit Size: 51.5" L x 53.5”W x 59.3" H

·       Unit Weight: 578 lbs.

·       Weight Stack:  220 lbs.

·       Independent Converging Press Arms

·       Gas Assist Seat Height Adjustment with 10 Positions




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