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LEXCO LS-523 Hack Squat
LEXCO LS-523 Hack Squat
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LEXCO LS-523 Hack Squat

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LEXCO LS-523 Hack Squat

Our LS Plate Loaded Series has been designed by our biomechanics experts to provide the user with maximum results and maintain a compact footprint to save facilities valuable floor space. Most units are equipped with independent movement arms for a superior, well-balanced workout. They are also built with many premium features such as easy-to-operate pop pins and push button levers for quick setup; gas assist adjustable seat heights featuring memory foam pads with premium sweat resistant upholstery.


·       Unit Size: 59.1” L x 80.” W 50." H

·       Unit Weight: 441 lbs.

·       Adjustable Foot Plate for best user position and comfort

·       Solid EP Rubber Foot Pad provides excellent traction

·       2 weight plate storage horns




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