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LEXCO LT8XA Treadmill
LEXCO LT8XA Treadmill
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LEXCO LT8XA Treadmill

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LEXCO LT8XA Treadmill


·       Embedded LCD 23" Touchscreen, Android OS

·       Coaxial & HDMI TV Inputs

·       Wifi Internet Accessibility

·       Smart Mirroring from your Mobile Device

·       Bluetooth & Input Jack for Headphone Ready

·       Built-in TV Remote Controller

·       Display Exercise information: Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, METS, Heart Rate

·       Screen Modes: Basic, Exercise (Console), Exercise (Track), TV, TV PIP, Mp3, Internet

·       30 Virtual Reality Interactive Courses from World-Renown Destinations

·       Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, German

·       Display Exercise information: Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, METS, Heart Rate

·       Integrated Wireless & USB Port for Device Charging

·       Contact & Telemetric Heart Rate

·       Handrail Mounted Stainless Steel Heart Rate Contact Sensors w/ Speed & Incline Remotes

·       Emergency Stop Button with Safety Tether & Clip

·       Durable Urethane Handles Offer Soft Tactile Feel for Comfort & Safety

·       Premium Full Commercial Urethane coated Running Belt for a Plush Feel with Patented Anti-Static Maintenance-Free Deck (Patent No.10-0607876)

·       Cup Holder/Book Rack/Device Tray

·       10 Preset Programs, 3 Custom, 1 HRC,    

·       Auto Drive Belt Tensioner

Proprietary Technology

Automatic Drive Belt Tension Control Device (Patent# 10-0869281) adjusts drive belt tension by actively responding to resistance changes in the drive belt due to external factors. The Tension Control Device is integrated directly on the Drive Motor for enhanced durability and increased performance. Automatically adjusts drive belt tension real-time to ensure proper belt tension and tracking.

Electrostatic Discharge Pre-lubricated Deck (Patent #10-0607876) Our engineers designed our proprietary and patentented treadmill deck to release undesirable static electricity to the user and critical components. Our engineers applied a proprietary Teflon coating to the deck to eliminate the need for lubrication on the LT7x and LT8xA units, thus lowering maintenance requirements and lowering cost of ownership.


1. Effective discharge of harmful static electricity.

2. Reduction of noise and friction caused by contact between running deck and running belt for smoother operation.

3. Permanent Lubrication both increases reliability and lowers maintenance responsibilities of the facility.

4. Provides facility with an overall lower cost of ownership and better user experience.

Android OS Touch Screen

Built on the Android OS, our easy to use touchscreen equipped consoles offer a wide range of entertainment functions including TV viewing, Internet, YouTube, movie viewing, and MP3. In addition, we have included a USB terminal for data transfer for both wired and a wireless port for mobile phone charging station as standard features.


·       Unit Size: 83.5" L x 63.5" W x 63.7" H

·       Unit Weight: 454 lbs.

·       Max User Weight:  450 lbs.

·       Power:  AC 220V, 50Hz~60Hz, 15 amp or AC 110V, 50Hz~60Hz, 10 amp

·       Incline Range: 0-16%

·       Speed Range: .05 – 16 mph

·       Running Belt Size: 21.3 W x 63” L

·       Drive Motor: 5.0 hp, High-Efficiency AC Inverter Drive System





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