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Landice L8 LTD Treadmill
Landice L8 LTD Treadmill
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Landice L8 LTD Treadmill

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Designed for institutional settings where usage is less than five hours per day in a non-dues paying facility. Our "LTD Series" offers an economical solution to limited-use applications without compromising features or reliability. Locations such as condominiums, rehabilitation centers, hotels, and corporate gyms are perfect for the LTD Series.

Landice light commercial treadmills come in two sizes.  The L7 treadmill offers a 20-inch by 58-inch running area.  The L8 treadmill features the industry's largest 22-inch by 63-inch running area.  Each treadmill offers three different control panel options.


The L8 LTD is engineered for commercial applications where usage is 5 hours or less a day in a non-dues paying facility. It provides a longer and wider 22-inch x 63-inch running surface for the more serious runner.


0.5 to 12.0 mph speed range

15% grade electric elevation

22" x 63" running area

4 HP continuous duty drive motor

1000 pound-thrust elevation motor

Rust-free aluminum frame

3.5” diameter, 22 Lbs. steel rollers

1” thick, maintenance-free reversible deck

Cast aluminum side rails and end-caps

500 lbs.  user weight capacity

Voltage: 110 VAC, 50/60Hz, 20A

Unit Size: 35"W x 83"L

Unit Weight: 435 pounds


Light Commercial Warranty

The LTD Treadmills carry a 5 year/ 5,000 hours parts and 1-year labor warranty.  Wear items, specifically treadbelts and decks, carry a 2-year warranty.  Executive touch-screen console and USB port are warrantied for defects in material and workmanship for 3 years. To validate this warranty the treadmill needs to be registered with Landice within 30 days of purchase and placed in the application for which is has been intended.  The LTD series is intended for light commercial environments where usage is less than five hours per day in a “non-pay-for-membership” facility. The Landice warranty is only valid for the original owner.


Console Options

The Pro Sports Control Panel (This is the standard default display)

This console features a 9" color liquid crystal display (LCD) with a variety of program options, numeric keypad for quick data entry, contact heart rate and a wireless-chest strap to monitor your heart-rate. These features offer an exciting and fun workout so you can reach your fitness goals. 

·       English or Metric Configuration

·       Statistics display showing: Time, Distance, Speed, Elevation, Calories, Calories per HR, Laps, Pace, METS and Pulse

·       Dedicated Speed and Incline displays

·       5 built-in programs with variable time, speed and incline

·       Quick keys for 5 built-in programs

·       2 User-defined programs

·       Contact heart-rate monitoring system

·       Time, distance, and calorie goal programs


The Cardio Trainer control panel features an easy-to-use display with built-in and user-defined programs. A contact heart rate system comes standard with your treadmill so you can easily monitor your heart-rate.

·       Numeric keypad with express speed and incline keys

·       5 Built-in programs with variable time, speed and elevation

·       5 User-defined programs

·       Time, distance, and calorie goal programs

·       3 Fitness tests: Balke, Firefighter, Army

·       2 Built-in heart-rate monitoring programs

·       2 User-defined heart-rate monitoring programs

·       Displays data in English or metric configurations

·       Interactive contact heart rate monitoring

·       Bluetooth connectivity to LANDICE and RUN SOCIAL IOS Apps




The Executive Control Panel features a 9” screen and 800x480 graphics capabilities designed to keep you entertained and engaged no matter what level of exercise you do. Navigate intuitively with a touch of the hand. Swipe left, right, up and down to reach various programs, profiles and screens. Tap the home icon and return to the main menu to see all your workout options and settings. *Executive touch-screen console and USB port are warrantied for defects in material and workmanship for 5 years. 

·       5 Road Screens: City, Beach, Desert, Lake, Mountain, 1 Running Track

·       6 Climbing Landmarks: Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Seattle Space Needle, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower

·       5 Built-in: Intermediate, Advanced, Interval, Fat Burn, Endurance

·       2 User-defined heart-rate monitoring programs

·       6 Fitness: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Firefighter, Balke

·       3 Goal Program: Distance, Time, Calories

·       Express Speed and Incline keys

·       2 Heart Rate Programs: Heart Rate Control, Interval Heart Rate Control

·       Interactive contact heart rate monitoring system

·       Displays data in English or Metric configurations

·       Bluetooth connectivity to LANDICE and RUN SOCIAL IOS Apps





With this option, you can turn your Landice equipment into an entertainment center. Our commercial grade 19" Widescreen HDTV LCD screen comes with HDMI inputs, coaxial cable input, and a VESA-D Bracket for easy mounting.

Watch your favorite TV shows while you work out or plug an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Stick into the HDMI port and create your own on demand entertainment system.

The included Broadcastvision remote control provides sound (TV does not play sound externally), to the headphone jack and volume controls. To operate a Cable or Satellite receiver requires the remote specific to the cable provider. The LVS carries a 2-year parts warranty from Broadcastvision Entertainment.

** Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Stick not included.



Mount your own TV or computer monitor with our optional VESA-D TV bracket. Accepts up to 19-inch VESA-D 75/100 compatible flat screen computers, computer monitors, and TV's. This option has a 1-year warranty.



Enjoy all the internet has to offer with the Landice Tablet Bracket. Our proprietary adjustable clamp securely holds your iPad*, Android tablet*, or electronic reader* in the perfect position for surfing the internet or viewing your favorite digital content. Mount and dismount your digital device is a snap with our adjustable bracket which holds between a 7" to 12" device. This option has a 1-year warranty. (*not included in product).

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