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Metal Plyo Boxes
Metal Plyo Boxes
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Metal Plyo Boxes

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Metal Plyo Boxes
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Metal Plyo Boxes

The Body-Solid Tools Metal Plyo Boxes are a must-have training tool for explosive jump and speed training. Athletes of all levels use these boxes for forward, lateral, and other plyometric jumping drills. Increase not only in your vertical jumping ability, but also drastically increase foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, overall leg strength and health, and "out of the blocks" explosion. The number of exercises you can perform are endless and only limited by your creativity. Professional, college, high school and even grade school athletes can improve performance and increase speed agility and all around fitness levels with plyometric training.             


Available in multiple heights; 6”,12”,18",24”,30”, 36”and 42”. They are designed to stack for easy storage. Feature heavy-duty 1” square steel construction and a red scratch-proof powder coat finish. The platforms are reinforced 1/2? plywood covered in non-slip rubber surface.   300 lbs. weight capacity. Built to withstand years of abuse by athletes of all sizes.


This item is shipped disassembled. Some assembly required.


   6" Body-Solid Plyo Box (BSTPB6) = $99.95       

12” Body-Solid Plyo Box (BSTPB12) = $118.00

18" Body-Solid Plyo Box (BSTPB18) = $131.00    

24" Body-Solid Plyo Box (BSTPB24) = $150.00    

30" Body-Solid Plyo Box (BSTPB30) = $172.00    

36" Body-Solid Plyo Box (BSTPB36) = $192.00    

42" Body-Solid Plyo Box (BSTPB42) = $218.00

Plyo Box Set of 3:  12”, 18” & 24” - Item #BSTPBS1 = $359.00

Plyo Box Set of 4: 12”, 18”, 24” & 30” - Item #BSTPBS2 =$513.00

Plyo Box Set of 7: 6” – 42” - Item #BSTPBS5 = $967.00

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