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Monark 831E UBE
Monark 831E UBE
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Monark 831E UBE

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Monark 831E UBE
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Model: Monark 831E UBE  

A stable arm ergometer that satisfies the requirements for fitness and endurance testing for the upper body. A secure and user friendly bike that provides a constant workload independent of pedal speed. It is easy to control by external devices such as PCs and ECG.

Monark’s renowned pendulum system has been adapted for use in rehabilitation, sports medicine and medicine. Ideal for exercise from a wheel chair.


Controlled digital by ECG or PC with RS232 cable.

Large, well-balanced flywheel 10 kg (22 lbs.)

Pendulum scale, easy to calibrate

Speed independent

Workload 0-1400 W (depending on rpm)

Rust protected and powder painted.

Wheels for easy transport.

Display that shows RPM.

Heart rate measured with telemetry or chest belt.

Optical metronome that shows rpm or pulse.

Warning signal for MAX heart rate limit.


Width 700 mm (27.5")

Length 1500 mm (59")

Height 1160 mm (45.7")

Weight 60 kg (132 lbs.)

Adaptor included.

Pendulum brake

CE approved according to Directive 93/42.



Protocols for Åstrand, WHO and PWC.

Custom protocols with templates for increment and ramp.

Manual protocol with possibilities to save afterwards. HR protocols.

Power measurements in different units (watt, kpm/min and vo2).

Brake force measurement mode or continuously displayed in other mode (N, kp).

Database to manage individuals and groups.




INCLUDED: Chest belt, PC-program, calibration weight, tool kit

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