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Monark 871E UBE
Monark 871E UBE
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Monark 871E UBE

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Monark 871E UBE
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Model: Monark 871E UBE  

A small, handy arm/leg trainer which is easy to use and has smooth running. 

Ideal for warm up and exercise in hospitals and rehabilitations centers from wheelchair or standing up. Excellent choice for rehabilitation of disabled.


Electronic readouts of pedal r/min, total pedal revolutions and time.


Control knob for adjustment of brake force.

Powder painted.

Handle for easy lift and transport.



Width 180 mm (7") at front support tubes

Width 450 mm (18") at rear support tubes

Length 600 mm (24")

Height 530 mm (21")

Weight 25 kg (55 lbs.)

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