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Monark 927E
Monark 927E
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Monark 927E

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Monark 927E
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Model: Monark 927E

Suitable for training and rehabilitation of persons with different work capacity. The light flywheel (12kg) provides a nice bike feeling even on a low load. Manual load adjustment and the easy to read display make the bike user friendly. Few moving and visible parts make the bike extremely reliable.


Large, well-balanced fl ywheel. Adjustable saddle with quick release lever. Adjustable handlebar with quick release lever. Stable frame, solid steel tube. Powder painted. Wheels for easy transport. Computer console with heart rate.


Speed (km/h). Distance (km). Time (min). Heart Rate. TIMER, Distance (km). Time (min).



Width 550 mm (22”) at handlebar.

Width 640 mm (25”) at support tubes.

Length 1240 mm (49”).

Height 1260 mm (50”) at handlebar.

Height 790-1160 mm (31-46”) at seat.

Weight 56 kg (123 lbs.).

Max User Weight 250 kg (550 lbs.).

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