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Monark LC6 Testing Ergometer
Monark LC6 Testing Ergometer
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Monark LC6 Testing Ergometer

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Monark LC6 Testing Ergometer
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Model: Monark LC6 Constant Power Testing Ergometer

Perfect Fit for a cyclist is when the position is right, power in the legs and the mind is set for a great performance. Monark LC6 has stepless adjustability in all directions for a perfect position without affecting the rigidity of the frame. Monark’s classic bike feeling is even improved with LC6, new Q-factor and updated resistance system makes the feeling complete. Now it is up to the rider.

Open Source is used within the software industry for an available program. Monark LC6 is also available and adaptable. Standard components for easy exchange and upgrades of parts like crank systems. Channels and plates prepared for measurement equipment and software accessible for external devices. Monark LC6 is a great bike as it is, but now also easy to adapt for your specific needs. LC6 is also easy to control from external system like ECG or PC.

Modern Force shall not be mixed with the fact that measurement still belongs to the old physical laws. Calibration still has to be done, on LC6 the procedure is improved for better safety and accuracy. With the updated braking system of LC6 old force is speed independent, quickly adjusted but still controllable during use. Monark has always been known for accuracy, now it is even improved.

Perfect Fit Frame

Fully adjustable setting of the seat position, within 20 cm horizontally. The seatpost scale in centimeters on the side.

Adjustable Handlebar

Stem and handlebar fully adjustable for height and length. With an adjustable length of 20 cm.

Adjustable Q-Factor

Same bottombracket shell as ordinary road-bikes and both the bottombracket and cranks are easy to change.

Novo Control Unit

With the new control unit we have secured future platform for Monark Ergometers. Connections that are compatible with the most common ECG, Spirometers and other external analysis equipment.


Novo Display

Monark novo display unit can run the bike direct from the Resistive LCD touch screen. It is easy to set your training target with distance, time or calories with the user-friendly interface.

Novo Motor

The new stronger, high quality, linear motor has superfast reactions, making the Monark novo motor unit 400% faster than previous models. This provides increased accuracy during testing, and a better ride feeling, with a more efficient workout.

Hardware Specification

Control unit: External (PC, handheld, ECG or other)

Interface: Digital RS232, USB converter

Power source: Power adaptor, DC-output-19V/40W

Electronic display: LCD – shows RPM, Total count, Time

Internal control (bike computer): Dual 8 MHz microcomputer system with 16 bits processor.

PC-software: Monark Aerobic Test Software (MATS) 3.1.0

Drive Mechanism:

Crank: Steel, 170 mm, Square taper, optional with 172,5 mm

Pedal: 9/16” Look/SPD compatible

BB-shell: 68*40 mm, English threads, 1.37*24 hole in center of BB-shell for assembling of sensor BB or similar

BB: 116 mm, Square

Q-factor: Q184/L170, optional Q146/L172,5

Chain: KMC Z510 HX 116 link

Seat: Racing seat

Seat post: One piece chromium plated oval tube, stepless mm adjustment

Vertical adjustment: 545-890 mm (21.8”-35.6”)

Horizontal adjustment: 200 mm (8 inch)

Handlebar: Racing handlebar, Reparto Corse, 31.8 mm

Handlebar stem: One piece chromium plated oval tube, stepless mm adjustment

Vertical adjustment: 465-765 mm (18.6”-35.6”)

Horizontal adjustment: 200 mm (8”)

Distance seat-handlebar: 170-815 mm (6.8”-32.6”)

Measurements:  LxWxH: 1405x640x1240 mm (56.2” × 25.6 × 49.6”)

Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs.)

Flywheel weight: 20 kg (44 lbs.)

Max user weight: 180 kg (396 lbs.)

Calibration weight: 4000g – Accuracy of 1%o Individually calibrated, numbered and documented by Monark

Heart rate: Chest belt: Polar T34 5KHz, Receiver Polar 07S PSNI-NC

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