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Pre-Owned Cybex 550t Treadmill
Pre-Owned Cybex 550t Treadmill
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Pre-Owned Cybex 550t Treadmill

Part Number: PO-550T
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Pre-Owned Cybex 550t Treadmill
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Cybex 550T Treadmill

The Cybex 550T Treadmill combines an innovative, sleek new design with basic functionality. Drive belt edges are securely covered to prevent fray, dirt build-up, and the potential for shoe laces or other items getting caught in the belt. The integrated I/O port allows for quick and easy download of maintenance logs and upload of software upgrades. Key safety features are also built in, including a safety lanyard and our Safety Sentry™ automatic shut-off. The large intuitive display simplifies programming and operation. The Quick Start mode lets users enter the Manual Program with a single touch, while a live keyboard permits program changes without restarting. With the Cybex Pro, users can monitor heart rate via contact grips or a wireless monitor. The Stableflex™ Suspension system absorbs impact where needed for optimal comfort and running efficiency.


Condition: Remanufactured

Length/Width: 32” x 79”

Incline/Decline Range: -2% to 15%

Speed Range: 0.5 to 12.4 mph

Running Surface: 58” x 20”

Motor: 3.0HP DC Continuous duty, with radial fan and ported flywheel, High efficiency pulse with modulated (PWM) controller

Programs: Quick Start Manual, 5K Run (10 levels), 9 Holes (10 levels), Heart Rate Control, Calorie Goal (10 levels), Weight Loss (10 levels), Cardio (10 levels)

Upper Console: Dot matrix graphic of the program, large 1” LED display of distance, calories, METs, pace and heart rate.

Lower Console: LED display of speed and dual function display of time and elevation. Built in wireless heart rate receiver and contact heart rate monitoring.

Power Requirement: 115V, 20Amp

Compliance: CE, UL, FCC, ASTM

Voltage: 115V, 60 Hz, 20 A (NEMA 5-20 plug) grounded dedicated circuit or 230V, 60 Hz grounded dedicated circuit

Condition: Very Good

Warranty: 90 Days – All Parts and Labor. 

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