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Pre-Owned Cybex VR2 Multi Hip
Pre-Owned Cybex VR2 Multi Hip
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Pre-Owned Cybex VR2 Multi Hip

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Pre-Owned Cybex VR2 Multi Hip
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Cybex VR2 Multi Hip

The Cybex VR2 Rotary or Multi Hip.  It is a machine designed to work the hip and glute muscles of the lower body.  It has an adjustable height setting/platform via a flip up or down step. 

There is a rotating cam with an upper thigh pad.  There are comfortable balance bars facing the machine as well as facing out.  

This machine is great for a rehabilitation type setting such as a physical therapy practice.  

It has an exercise placard that shows the basic operation of the machine as well as the muscle groups involved. 


Dual-position footplate fits users of varying heights

Thigh pad adjusts for femur length

Starting positions are in 15° increments through 240° of rotation

Machine Weight: 451 lbs.

Weight Stack: 200 lbs.

Height: 60”

Length: 45”

Width: 46”

Condition: Excellent

Warranty: 90 Days – All Parts and Labor. 

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