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Premium Olympic Bumper Plates
Premium Olympic Bumper Plates
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Premium Olympic Bumper Plates

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Premium Olympic Bumper Plates
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Available in 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs. and 45 lbs. sizes, these bumper plates have been rigorously tested for heavy use environments and are designed to meet or exceed the specifications of the popular Hi-Temp plates we also sell.  These solid rubber plates have a stainless steel collar and carry a 1 year commercial warranty.   Economically priced, these plates feature a dead bounce and a very clean finish.  The OBPP bumper plates complement the other Body Solid bumper plates, the OBPH, OBPB, and OBPC, ensuring you have the proper quality.

ITEM#                  DIA.                 WIDTH

OBPP10             17.375"             1.375"

OBPP15             17.375"             1.50"

OBPP25             17.375"             2.00"

OBPP35             17.375"             2.75"

OBPP45             17.375"             3.50"

10 lbs. Premium Olympic Bumper Plate - Item #OBPP10 = $33.50

15 lbs. Premium Olympic Bumper Plate - Item #OBPP15 = $45.00

25 lbs. Premium Olympic Bumper Plate - Item #OBPP25 = $71.00

35 lbs. Premium Olympic Bumper Plate - Item #OBPP35 = $98.00

45 lbs. Premium Olympic Bumper Plate - Item #OBPP45 = $125.00

260 lbs. Premium Olympic Bumper Set - Item #OBPP260 = $710.00

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