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RIG Cargo Net
RIG Cargo Net
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RIG Cargo Net

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RIG Cargo Net
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RIG Cargo Net

The Xtreme Monkey Cargo net takes your XM Rig to another level! Suitable for Crossfit climbing sports.  4” eye loops and are easily fastened with the commercial carabineers (included). Unit could also be fixed by threading a pipe through the eye loops and hanging.

-   12’ x 6’

-  Commercial ¾” non-stretch PolyRope

-  3 pass weave design

-  11” square openings (mesh pattern)

-  4” eye loops for easy attachment

-  Commercial Carabineers included

 Warning! Net climbing is inherently dangerous. Fittrax does not recommend climbing Cargo Nets without using several landing pads under the workout area.

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