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Standing Calf
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Standing Calf

The MDC-1019 Standing Calf allows you to train your calves through a full range of motion with a load heavy enough to stimulate growth in this often-stubborn muscle group.  The key to calf training is both load and volume. High rep sets work well, and 5 sets of 20 reps with as much weight as you can handle using good form is a tried and true formula to force those calves to respond. Good form means a full contraction at the top paused and squeezed for a one thousand one count and a full stretch at the bottom.

The design of the MDC-1019 Standing Calf Machine makes these pristine reps all the more possible. The non-slip foot plate is designed perfectly so you can get a maximum stretch and contraction on every repetition. The direct linkage pivot arms ensure true and balanced movement so that your entire focus can be on fighting through the intense burn in your calves to squeeze out those growth inducing final reps of each set. Even if you load the weight to its maximum of 200 pounds, the high density, contoured shoulder pads and non-slip support handles will keep your mind off the load bearing down on you and squarely on the work at hand. These shoulder pads also adjust with a convenient pop pin to allow users of different heights to train through a full range of motion. In short, this machine is designed to work as hard as you are willing.


·       Contoured thick shoulder pads for max comfort during heavy calf raises

·       Easy shoulder pads height adjustment to fit all size users

·       Handles to stabilize body so calves can be isolated

·       Wide, rounded foot tube to stand on for deep calf exercise with no pressure point pain on the feet.

·       Weight Stack: 200 lbs. steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin

·       Unit Size: 42" L x 39" W x 92" H

·       Unit Weight: 268 lbs.

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