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Steelflex Oly. Incline Bench
Steelflex Oly. Incline Bench
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Steelflex Oly. Incline Bench

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Steelflex Oly. Incline Bench
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The NOIP Olympic Incline Bench targets your Pectoralis muscle. It features special oval tubing and an ergonomic design, the seat hight is also adjustable to put you in a comfortable place to do Incline Bench Press training with proper safety and reliability.


·       Mainframe: Heavy-Gauge 1.968" X 3.937" oval tubing

·       Upholstery: Durable double stitched upholstery (ergonomic design)

·       Six Olympic Storage weight posts with ergonomic angle design – keeping your workout area clutter free, and removing plates smoothly and easily.

·       Solid gun racks with plastic cover – more quiet and safe

·       Electrostatically applied powder coat paint finish, metallic silver.

·       Seat: Adjustable

·       Unit Weight: 166 lbs.

·       Unit Size: 67" L x 65" W x 61" H

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