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ThudRug 4’x6’ Solid Rubber Mat
ThudRug Solid Rubber Mat
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ThudRug 4’x6’ Solid Rubber Mat

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ThudRug 4’x6’ Solid Rubber Mat
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Our ThudRug is a heavy-duty, durable 100% rubber flooring system that protects floors and equipment from damage in addition to muffling noise and dampening vibrations. The ThudRug is a necessity for any free weight area. The ThudRug is large enough to place under your cardio machine and strong enough to withstand the dropping of weights. It’s half inch design will protect your floor as well as your equipment. 

Made of recycled rubber material

Smooth, consistent texture over entire mat

Precision cut ensures tight fit between mats

Easy to clean

Ideal for wall to wall applications

Available Thickness: 
* 1/2" 
* 3/4"

Mat Weight: 
* 1/2" = 75 lbs  
* 3/4" = 100 lbs. 

Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions 

Cleaning/Maintenance Product Overview 
Taski Products provide the industry standard for maintenance and protection of rubber flooring. Their unique chemical formulations combined with simple application techniques result in a superior cleaning system. 

TASKI PROFI: A highly effective non-ionic oil and grease remover for resilient rubber flooring. The neutral pH and bio-degradability make it an ideal product for rapid emulsification of oil and grease. TASKI WIWAX: A unique blend of detergents, waxes, and polymers formulated to clean and maintain rubber flooring, and provide a light polymer and wax film for additional protection. Rubber Flooring – The Basics By understanding your rubber floor and following an established maintenance program, you will receive years of trouble free protection. Equipment Choosing the right equipment for the right size job is important. Auto-Scrubbers may be useful for wide-open areas, such as large aerobic studios, hockey arenas and ski areas. Rotary machines outfitted with a soft nylon brush or deck brushes may be more suitable to easily maneuver around fitness equipment in strength and cardio areas. 

Preventive Maintenance 
To keep your floor in top condition, it is important to recognize what types of products can do damage to your floor. 

ACIDS – bathroom cleaners, bleach, fruit juice, vinegar, and alcoholic drinks.
ALKALIS –butyl cleaners and high pH strippers 
PETRO CHEMICALS – cleaners containing oil, grease, solvents, or abrasives (including sweeping compounds containing oil) 
DIRT/SAND – tracked in soil accounts for over 90% of the maintenance costs of your flooring. Use of large, oversized mats at your door entrance will greatly reduce the amount of damage to your floor finish. 

As your rubber floor ages, it will oxidize and become harder and denser. This natural process creates a surface, which becomes easier to keep clean and scuff-free. During the initial 6 to 12 months, the rubber surface will more readily scuff and attract soil, unless treated as outlined in our maintenance program. 

Cleaning and Finishing Instructions  

Initial Cleaning/Stripping Recommended on all new installations is the removal of all surface waxes and mold release agents from rubber sports flooring. This procedure is also recommended on installations where a deeper cleaning is required to remove dirt from heavily soiled rubber floors. We recommend that a floorcleaning professional perform initial cleaning and finish application. 

* Sweep or vacuum the surface to remove all dirt/dust/debris 

* Mix Taski Profi cleaner 10-13 oz with a gallon of warm water and apply to floor with lint free loop mop. 

* Allow to dwell approximately 10-15 minutes to cut through manufacturing residues (mold releases, paraffin, etc.), not allowing the surface to dry. Re-wet if necessary 

* Wet scrub with soft nylon scrub brush with 300 rpm floor scrubbing machine 

* Vacuum up slurry solution with heavy duty wet/dry vac or auto scrubber before surface dries 

* Rinse floor thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry Finishing Floor Unfinished rubber sports flooring which is cleaned on a daily basis will provide a clean, flat appearance, with none of the periodic maintenance associated with maintaining a wax finish. They will, however, require greater daily maintenance for dirt, soil, and dust removal, especially during your floors’ first year. We recommend that weight rooms, ice arenas, hockey rinks- as well as areas where cleats will be worn- do not use sealer/finish on the rubber sports flooring. Note all sealer/finishes will show cracking in free weight areas. For A Low Gloss Sheen use Taski Wiwax as detailed below: 

* Fully saturate clean loop mop with non-diluted Taski Wiwax 

* Apply thin coat of Taski Wiwax and allow finish to fully dry (avoid aggressive fan forced “flash drying”) 

* Repeat to maximum of four coats, or until desired level of sheen is achieved 

* It is critical that Taski Wiwax be applied in thin coats and is allowed to fully dry between coats or hazing may occur. It is not recommended that Taski Wiwax be buffed on the rubber roll or finish marking may occur. 

Use of Sealers 
While the use of a sealer in Sports applications is not required and generally not recommended, there may be special applications where a sealer is desired. 

* Select Taski Vision Matte for a Satin gloss, or Taski Vision Star for a high gloss. 

* Always follow above procedures for “Initial Cleaning/Stripping” prior to application of any sealer. 

* Use a special seal applicator or a brand new 100% fine string Rayon wet mop. 

* Clean applicator pan or mop bucket and wringer thoroughly before adding sealer. Note: A plastic trash liner may be used as a bucket liner. ? Wring out access sealer before applying applicator to floor. 

* Apply a thin coat of sealer; allow to dry completely, usually 30 to 60 minutes per coat. 

* Repeat to maximum of four coats, or until desired level of sheen is achieved. 

* Clean applicator and pan or mop bucket up immediately with warm water. Discard unused sealer in pan/bucket. Do not return unused sealer to original container as contamination may result. Maintenance Schedule Daily Cleaning 

* Sweep the floor daily with a broom or vacuum thoroughly. 

* Room entrance should be equipped with large mats specifically designed for maximum dirt trapping. Matting should be thoroughly vacuumed daily. 

Weekly Cleaning 

* Vacuum room thoroughly. 

* Scrape up gum or similar substances using a plastic or wooden scrapper. Avoid metal scrapers as they can scratch surfaces. A dampened green scrub pad will enable you to rub off heel marks. 

* Mix 2-4oz Taski Wiwax with gallon of warm water. Damp mop floor with mop or auto scrubber. Note: Taski Wiwax may also be used as a daily cleaner on both finished and unfinished rubber floor rolls. 

New Installations 
New rubber floors will frequently have a harmless “rubber” smell when initially installed. Increasing the rooms’ ventilation during this initial period (about 30 days) is typically the only remedy required. If this is not possible, a product such as Prochem Flurorosil Odor Neutralizer-Citrus may be added to the cleaning solution, and will effectively neutralize any odors until they naturally dissipate. 

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