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Treadmill Deck Lube 1 lb. Jar
Treadmill Deck Lube 1 lb. Jar
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Treadmill Deck Lube 1 lb. Jar

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Treadmill Deck Lube 1 lb. Jar
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    Treadmill Deck Lube 1 lb. Jar

This deck lube can be used on all treadmill models with Silicone & Teflon based Phenolic Decks. Bulk 1 lb. jar is great for high usage commercial environments.  


Apply lube to new or cleaned deck & belt only. Lube will not work properly if the deck & belt are dirty.  Use the latex gloves provided and spread evenly across the deck. Approximately 2oz. of lubricant (two fingers’ full) in a zigzag configuration across the center of the deck. No closer than 3" from the edge of the running belt. Allow for proper distribution of the lube by walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes at 2-3 mph. Remove any exposed excess lube. For best results reapply lube every 2,500 miles of usage. 

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