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Xtreme Monkey 365 Power Rack
Xtreme Monkey 365 Power Rack
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Xtreme Monkey 365 Power Rack

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Xtreme Monkey 365 Power Rack
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Model: Xtreme Monkey 365 Power Rack

This is THE Power rack you must have! This beast is the perfect unit to build your gym around because it’s versatile, strong and affordable. This unit is suitable for the average home user and can sustain the beating in a light commercial environment.

The 3" x 3" 2.5mm thick tubing ensures the strongest power rack you will ever find at this price.

Bolted nylon dampeners on the extra-long J-hooks and spotter bars (included)

Multi-grip chin-up bar to target different muscle groups and maximize pull-up variations.

Loaded with standards like 12 band pegs and a 1200 lbs. weight capacity

The unit is constructed with continuous welds, elbow supports and commercial bolts!

The powder coating finish gives the Xtreme Monkey 365 Rack a rich black finish.

Floor Dimensions: 64"L x 54"W x 85"H


Dip Bars: 2" Diamond knurling and fat grip provide high comfort during the exercise- Heavy-duty steel construction. Sku# 4337 


Fat Grip Option:  Fat Grip 2" Chin Up option is an incredible way to increase grip strength and elevates the difficulty level of pull ups dramatically. The 2" option includes the hardware needed to attach to the Power Rack. L47.5" x W2.5"  sku# 4242

Additional J-Hooks:  Nylon reinforcement – Extra-large strike plate - comes as a set of (2) H4" x W3" x L9.5"  Sku# 4238

Single Leg Roller: The easily removable leg roller is versatile and suitable for exercises from basic stretching exercises to one-leg squats, Bulgarian squats, and glute/ham work. Sku# 4239

Rope Pull:  Increase upper body strength and perform resistance training with the Rope Pull Attachment. Easily adjust the tension and height to ensure the perfect fit and training for each athlete. Rope is not included.  Sku# 100-4240

Landmine Attachment:  A rotational training device that works the entire body. Perform explosive 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic-size bar (not included) into the 12" pivoting sleeve at the unit’s base. Sku# 100-3800


Sling Set: Increased safety and helps protect you and your bar.  Allows more complex moves like Zercher squats, rack pulls, dead stop squats and hang cleans. Quiet, no metal on metal clanking.  Protects the Knurling on your bar! Set includes: 4 x brackets, 2 x slings. Sling: L45" x W2" Brackets: H5"   

Sku# KIT1023


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