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Biodex Medical 950-130 Upper Body Cycle UBE (Refurbished)
Biodex Medical 950-130 Upper Body Cycle UBE (Refurbished)
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Biodex Medical 950-130 Upper Body Cycle UBE (Refurbished)

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Biodex Medical 950-130 Upper Body Cycle UBE (Refurbished)



This is an electric full-service upper body cycle. This device is used in physical therapy departments and is just as suitable for professional athletes. It is fully adjustable for standing or sitting. The chair is easily removed making it perfect for use with a wheelchair. 

Can easily be set high or low suitable for all ROM therapy to include overhead therapy. (The handle axis can be set from 36" to 61" from the floor) A full-service control panel for isokinetic or constant power. workouts. Resistance and timer functions are easily set. 

Has adjustable legs to ensure stability and the front of the machine has two built in wheels so it can be lifted from the back and rolled around easily. The seat is extra-large and cushioned suitable for handicapped persons.


·       Modes: Isokinetic, Constant Power

·       Sitting, Standing, Wheelchair use

·       Extra Large Cushioned Seat & backrest

·       Adjustable Handle length

·       Adjustable Handle height (axis will adjust 36"-61" from floor)

·       Physical therapy, Exercise or Professional Training

    * Power: AC/110v/60hz

NOTE: Cosmetic damage to the top front shroud corner done by us in the warehouse during transport. No effect to the machine’s operating.

Condition: Good

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