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 CAP VKR Bodyweight Training Station


The CAPVKR Body Weight Training Station is an ideal choice for those who want a gym feel for their home workout. This CAPVKR Body weight Training Station is sleek, comfortable, and eye catching while also functional, durable, and sturdy.


The 11-gauge steel, 2x2 tubing and durable powder coat finish ensure a bench that can hold up to 1000 lbs., while still maintaining its integrity and appearance for years to come. The FM-906 VKR Body weight Training Station can be utilized in for a wide variety of workouts, including push-ups, pull ups, and knee raises, and is sure to be a reliable partner in home strength routine.

Ideal for the beginner or the fanatic!

A quality bodyweight training station is a must in any home gym. Whether you are using it for a full body workout or want to target an isolated muscle group, the FM-906 Body weight Training Station can handle any workout.


The FM-906 pads are firm yet comfortable and provide reassuring support to feel comfortable when going heavy. The covering is exceptionally durable and wipes clean easily. Quilted inserts provide a unique and stylish look.


Safe and reliable. The FM-906 has been crafted with lasting durability in mind. From the fill in the pad to the quality of the nuts, bolts and washers, each component used or designed was done so for maximum safety and reliability. The FM-906 body weight training station is built to deliver exceptional performance with each workout and without compromise.


Tough and durable. The FM-906 utilizes full steel tubing to withstand the most grueling workout. As with all of CAP’s strength products, the FM-906 meets or exceeds nationally recognized standards and has the ability to hold a 1,000 lbs. (1/2 ton) securely. Safety and dependability are priority. No corners cut and no shortcuts taken.


Unit Weight: 72.5 lbs.

Unit Size: 45.3” L x 35” W x 85” H

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