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Batca Fusion 3 Personal Gym
Batca Fusion 3 Personal Gym
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Batca Fusion 3 Personal Gym

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Fusion 3 Personal Gym

The Fusion 3 provides more exercises and functionality in less space. Experience the perfect blend of machine defined, user defined, and dumbbell exercises.


·       Exceptionally Stable Tripod Frame Design with a Compact 4' x 5' 11" Footprint, (5' 5" x 5' 11" with Leg Press)

·       User Defined Free Cable Exercises Via Independent, Rotating Functional Arms with Single Touch Adjustment and Counterbalanced Swiveling Pulleys

·       (Optional) Leg Press/Calf Raise Features a Walk-Through Frame Design, Centered 4-Bar Linkage, Large Footplate and Grip Handle.

·  (Optional) Leg Press with Integrated Bench Converts Leg Press Seat to a Multi-Purpose Dumbbell/Ab Crunch Bench

·       Dual Swiveling High Pulleys for Iso-Lateral Lat Pull-Downs, Triceps Extensions, Straight and Side Ab Crunches

·       Advanced Smart Lock Cable System Provides Direct Cabling to All Exercise Stations While Minimizing Cable Play and Stretch.

·       Iso-Lateral Multi-Press and Mid Row Arm Allows  Chest/Incline/Decline Press and Chest Supported Mid Row

·       Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl Features 8 Starting Point Adjustments and Patented Flip Support That Allows Full Muscle Contraction.

·       Easy Entry, Obstacle Free Seat Design with Height Adjustment Provides Optimal Seat Position for All Exercises.

·       Unit Size:

 4.0”W x 5”.11”L (Base Unit)

 5”.5” x 5”.11” L (w/Leg Press)

·       Unit Height: 6' 11"

·       Unit Weight

Base Unit - 727 lbs.

Leg Press - 210 lbs.

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