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GM5004 Eight Station Jungle Gym
GM5004 Eight Station Jungle Gym
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GM5004 Eight Station Jungle Gym

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GM5004 Eight Station Jungle Gym

The GM5004 8 station jungle gym is a multi-dimensional strength training system. The stations include (2) lat pull down stations, (2) seated row stations, (2) tricep stations and cable cross. Each station is equipped with a 220 lbs. weight stack including the cable crossover.

11 Gage Steel Frame ensures maximum structural integrity.

Handles are retained with Aluminum collars.

Contoured cushions utilize a molded foam for superior comfort and durability.

Standard rubber feet on the Low Row Station protect the frame and allow the user a solid placement.

Adjustable Pulley Stations come with a side handle for stability.

Hand grips are a durable Neoprene composite.   

Unit Size: 233” L x 180” W x 92” H

Unit Weight: 1,517 lbs.

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