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HCI eTrainer
HCI eTrainer
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HCI eTrainer

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HCI eTrainer
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Passive Training for Arms and Legs

Stay Safe At Home!

The eTrainer Passive Assist Trainer provides gentle mobilization and exercise therapy to your upper and lower body at home. The assisted exercise helps increase circulation and blood flow to your muscles. The simultaneous leg and arm exercises can activate up to 80% of your skeletal muscle.

Training with the eTrainer Passive Assist Trainer incorporates important movements that are critical to everyday life such as the extension and flexion of the arms and legs. 

This is critical so that you can develop sufficient strength training to perform daily activities and tasks more easily.

The eTrainer Passive Assist Trainer has a large easy to read display that allows you to monitor your time, speed, distance and calories. Two independent motors allow you to use your upper and lower limbs to train either simultaneously or separately.

eTrainer Technical Details

* Assist System: 50-WATT Dual Motors

* Programs: Select Speed and Upper, Lower, Total Body Workouts

* Speed Levels: 1 – 15

* Max RPM: 75 RPM

* Arm System: Adjustable Neumatic Arm

* Pedals: Ortho Pedals (Free $200 Value)

* Stride: Independent Upper and Lower Body

* Max User Weight: Unlimited

* Power: AC 110V-220V | 50/60Hz

* Product Type: Light Commercial Grade

Model #   E-PAT Computer Details

·         Display: Easy to Read Large Display

·         Backlight: Red Program Indicators

·         Feedback: Speed, Time, Distance, Calories



·         Frame: Lifetime

·         Mechanical Parts: 1 Year Exchange

·         Electronic Parts: 1 Year Exchange


Assembly Required: Pedals, Hydraulic Tube

Unit Dimensions: 28" L X 32" W X 32-40" H

Unit Weight: 33 lbs.

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