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Heavy Rubber Balls
Heavy Rubber Balls
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Heavy Rubber Balls

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Heavy Rubber Balls

These Heavy Rubber Balls are expertly-crafted wall balls guaranteed to never break open or lose shape even during the most intense of workouts. Thanks to the BSTHRB’s heavy rubber construction, users won’t have to worry about torn stitching or lopsided balls leaking dust all over your gym. Buy with confidence as these Heavy Rubber Wall Balls will last significantly longer than standard medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls.

Each of the BSTHRB Heavy Rubber Balls is 13.6” in diameter and comes in six different weight options—20-70 lbs.—making them a great addition to any home gym or facility.  Body-Solid Tools BSTHRB Heavy Rubber Balls will perfectly integrate into several popular workout routines including wall ball workouts, squats, partner/group tosses plus all slam ball and medicine ball-related exercises.

Built not only for durability but also comfort, Heavy Rubber Balls feature easy-grip rubber construction, ensuring a tight and firm grip throughout the workout. Each ball is color-coded by weight and features both lbs. and kgs. weight displays for quick and easy use.

 · Heavy-rubber construction for significantly longer life

·  Durable and guaranteed to never break open or lose shape

·  Consistent center of gravity

·  Six weight options: 20 lbs., 30 lbs., 40 lbs., 50 lbs., 60 lbs. & 70 lbs.

·  Easy-grip rubber, no seams and no stitching

·  Perfect for use in wall ball workouts, squats, partner/group tosses & slam ball and medicine ball exercises

·  All sizes have a 13.6” diameter

·  Lifetime Warranty

Color Coded:

20 lbs. Purple

30 lbs. Yellow

40 lbs. Green

50 lbs. Red

60 lbs. Blue

70 lbs. Gray

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