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Hip Thrust
Hip Thrust
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Hip Thrust

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Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust safely isolates your glutes, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, and improving hip and core stability. This machine gives you the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise without compromising form. A comfortable padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety. Users can load up to four plates of each side, which gives the machine a max weight load of 360 lbs.


·       Upper body pivot bench provides full spinal stabilization and support

·       Heavy reinforced padded waist harness provides optimal lifting application

·       Oversized angled foot platform to accommodate users of all sizes

·       Dual sided safety catches and releases mechanism for ease of use

·       Bottom dropout safety stop

·       Commercial Grade dual pivot bearings

·       Extended lumbar support

·       Delrin coated protective wear surfaces on heavy contact and load points.

360 lbs. max load capacity. 

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