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PhysioTrainer UBE PRO
PhysioTrainer UBE PRO
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PhysioTrainer UBE PRO

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Model: PhysioTrainer UBE PRO

Electronically Controlled Upper Body Ergometer


              Compact and Affordable UBE Solution

Introducing the All New PhysioTrainer PRO – Bi-Directional Electronically Controlled Upper Body Ergometer. The PhysioTrainer PRO is an affordable dual purpose upper and lower body trainer that can be used either on a table top or on the ground.

The PhysioTrainer PRO is Equipped with 32 levels of electromagnetic resistance and a low maintenance poly belt drive which provide a quiet and smooth cycling motion. The PhysioTrainer PRO has a low starting resistance of 8 WATTS and a max resistance of 220 WATTS. The PhysioTrainer PRO’s wide watt range is ideal for a variety of cardiac and rehabilitation applications.

The PhysioTrainer PRO includes adjustable cranks for both upper and lower body exercises. Use the 360° swivel handles for upper body training and Orthopedic heel-cup pedals for lower body training. The interchangeable upper and lower body cranks allow for comfort and stability to patients based on their specific goals.

The PhysioTrainer PRO is portable and can be easily wheeled from one room to another using the swiveling transport handle. When the transport handle is in the stored position, it can be used as a handle to lift the PhysioTrainer PRO onto a table top. 

The PhysioTrainer PRO is compatible with HCI Fitness UBE Tables which provides a safe and stable training platform. HCI Fitness UBE Tables are available in hydraulic or motorized height adjustment options.

The adjustable-tilt 9” LCD display allows users to comfortably see the large screen and color-coded buttons during upper body and lower body workouts. During workouts users can easily adjust resistance with the touch of a button. The sophisticated display has 21 built-in programs including: QuickStart, Heart Rate Controlled, Constant SPM & WATTS, Goal Set Calories & Distance, and 2 User Defined Customizable programs. In customizable programs the user is prompted to set the resistance level from stage to stage for individualized training. Important information such as WATTS and METS are clearly shown on the main workout screen during workouts for visual motivation.

Once your workout is complete, the workout summary can be exported via USB for tracking progressive goals. Simply complete your workout and save the Workout Report with a user ID number. The simple USB Workout Report can be imported into excel for more advanced tracking. Metrics such as totals, peaks and averages are recorded in the USB Workout Report.

Backed by a lifetime frame warranty the commercial grade PhysioTrainer PRO is the perfect addition to your home or facility. The unique features of the PhysioTrainer PRO provide unmatched versatility at the most affordable price.


PhysioTrainer PRO UBE Technical Details

·       Resistance System: Electro Magnetic

·       Resistance Levels: 1-32

·       WATT Range:  8-220

·       Programs: 21

·       Handles: 360° Swivel Handles

·       Pedals: OrthoPedic Heel Cups

·       Cranks: Adjustable Cranks

·       Motion: Bi-Directional Resistance

·       Max User Weight: Unlimited

·       Power: AC 110V-220V | 50/60Hz

·       Product Type: Commercial Grade

Computer Details

·       Display: High Definition 9" LCD Display

·       Backlight: Easy to Read High Contrast Blue

·       USB Summary: Export Workout Data Including Peaks and Averages

·       Feedback : Time, Distance, Pulse, Steps Per Minute (SPM), Calories, WATTS, METs, & Resistance Level "1-32"

·       Programs: 21 Programs: Manual, Warm Up, Interval, Ramps, Mountain, Rolling, Climb, Random, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, HRC 65%, HRC 85%, Constant SPM, Constant Watts, Goal Calories, Goal Distance, 2 User, 2 Customizable Programs

·      Heart Rate: Built in Receiver Compatible with Polar and other Manufactures *Chest Belt Not Included


·       Frame: Lifetime

·       Drive Belt: 2 Years

·       Electronic Parts: 3 Years

·       Mechanical Parts: 3 Years

·       Labor: 1 Year


Assembly Required: Legs, Pedal, Display

Unit Dimensions: 26" L X 19" W X 31" H

Unit Weight: 55 lbs. 

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