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Pre-Owned Nustep TRS4000
Pre-Owned Nustep TRS4000
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Pre-Owned Nustep TRS4000

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NuStep TRS4000

The NuStep TRS4000 Recumbent Cross Trainer is the best-selling and most popular NuStep trainer. It is also highly recommended by physicians for older patients. The workout is a natural motion that is easy on the hip and knee joints in a biomechanically correct workout position. It allows for a total body conditioning of the cardiovascular and muscular systems.

·         Electronic Readouts: Time (Starts at 0, up to 100 minutes), METS (2 to 24), Calories (Up to 999 Kcal), Steps (Counts cumulative steps), Steps per Minute (15 to 250), Watts (20 to 800), Workload 1-10 (10 Workload Levels)

·         Monitor Keys: Up/Down, Enter, Reset (Reset all data to default), Select (Cycles through METS, watts, calories, and steps), Average (Press to display average values of METS, watts, steps per minute, and heart rate)

·         Hidden Functions: Step Meter (Displays Total Steps for the lifetime of the NuStep), Software Version (Press Reset + Enter to display), Units (English or Metric System)

·         Seat Adjustment: 15" forward/backwards automatically adjusts seat height

·         Swivel Seat Adjustment: Turn 90 Degrees either Left or Right

·         Arm Adjustment: Turn Up, Down, Left, or Right

·         Arm Adjustment Range: 15"

·         Workload Adjustment: 10 Settings

·         Step Height Adjustment: 2" to 10"

·         Frame: Durable, heavy-duty 14-gauge welded steel frame

·         Foot Pedals: Four Bar Linkage and nonskid tread keep feet secure

·         Automatic Display: Turns on/off based on the presence of a user

·         Dimensions: 60"Lx28"Wx43"H

·         Weight 205 lbs.

·         User Height 4'6" to 6'4'"

·         Max User Weight 400 lbs.

·         Power: Cordless (uses 2 AA batteries)


Condition: Good

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