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Prone Leg Curl
Prone Leg Curl
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Prone Leg Curl

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Prone Leg Curl

The GR608 Lying Leg Prone is great for targeting the glutes and hamstrings. The machine angles the torso in order to isolate the glutes and really fire up the hamstrings during the exercises. Ideal for users who want an intense leg workout.



·       Adjustable start position for desired range of motion with adjustable calf pad allows for a personalized fit

·       Divergent chest and hip pads to minimize back strain and place the user in precise pivot point alignment

·       Hand grips are a durable urethane composite

·       Cushion filled with MC high resilience foam material covered with high grade PU leather upholstery

·       Electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability

·       Standard rubber feet protect base of the frame and prevent the machine from slipping

·       Adjustable leg pad accommodates different leg lengths, allowing users to achieve proper leverage

·       Cup/phone/key holder

·       Unit Size: 60”L x 46” W x 65”H

·       Unit Weight: 463 lbs.

Available in Black Frame

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