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Underwater Aquabike
Underwater Aquabike
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Underwater Aquabike

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Underwater Aquabike

The Fittrax Underwater Aquabike is specially designed for cycling exercises in water for rehabilitation purposes. Due to the unique properties of the variable resistance mechanism, the underwater bicycle can be used in any stage of the rehabilitation process.

The frame is made out of polished stainless steel and therefore the bicycle is suitable for use in a pool.

The Underwater Aquabike is ideal in all stages of rehabilitation. Fittrax has developed this underwater bicycle with its experience in mind, that different stages of rehabilitation require a different amount of resistance. All this functionality is combined in one product.

Repetitive, low impact rotating leg movements are of incredible value in rehabilitation of lower extremities. Due to the warm water, buoyancy and the unique properties of the resistance mechanism, joints can be easily mobilized.

Resistance is speed dependent, so the bicycle can be used in any stage.


Bike Size: 47.2”L x 24”W x 51”H

Bike Weight: 61 lbs.

Frame: Stainless Steel


Frame: 3 Years

Labor: 1 Year

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