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Universal Trainer- All in One Training System
Universal Trainer- All in One Training System
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Universal Trainer- All in One Training System

Part Number: MX1162
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Universal Trainer- MX1162 – All in One Training System
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Universal Trainer- All in One Training System

Like its name, The Universal Trainer is truly an all-in-one training system. 

This versatile unit features a dual adjustable pulley system, smith machine, multi-grip pull-up bars, weight pegs and bar storage, Inverted leg press add on & so much more. 

The Universal Trainer is constructed of heavy gauge rolled steel tubing, high quality cables and pulleys, 2 x 220 lbs. Steel Weight Stack Plates and a counter balanced bar for the Smith Machine. 

The counter balanced bar for the Smith Machine, lets you accurately control how much weight you want to train with. 

The Universal Trainer’s innovative space saving design takes multiple pieces of equipment and combines it into a single all in one unit.

The high-quality cables and pulleys allow you to complete your exercises smoothly. 

Whether it’s free weights, resistance training through cable resistance, body weight movements or heavy leg presses, this is a one-of-a-kind machine that can be the sole piece of equipment for any facility or for the ultimate home gym.




·         Dual Adjustable Pulley System

·     Counter Balanced Smith Machine

·         Multi-Grip Pull Up Bars


·         Half Squat Cage Function (Bar Hooks and Spotters)

·    Lat Pull Down Seat Add-On

·  Inverted Leg Press Add-On


·         Accessories Storage

·         Dip Bar Attachment

·    Land Mine


Product Specs

Assembled Dimensions:  64.5”L x 90.3”W x 90.4”H

Product Weight: 595 lbs.

Weight Stacks:  220 lbs. x 2

Frame Color: Silver or Black


* Weights & Bench not included



Weight Extender

Designed to allow additional weight plates to be added to the side of the MX1162 weight stack. The weight extender slides inside, creating an extension to the existing weight stack.


Bar Holder

The Olympic bar holder attachment comes standard with the MX1162 machine but you can add a second bar holder to the other side of the machine if you have multiple bars.

Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

The G705 bench is a commercial bench rated at 1000 lbs. The bench has 10 degree angle adjustments that allow the user to do exercises from the decline position all the way up to 90 degrees. The dense foam upholstery is made for heavy use and the handle and wheels allow the bench to be moved easily for storage.

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