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VersaStep Ipsilateral Recumbent Cross Trainer
VersaStep Ipsilateral Recumbent Cross Trainer
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VersaStep Ipsilateral Recumbent Cross Trainer

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Model: VersaStep Ipsilateral Recumbent Cross Trainer

Ipsilateral Recumbent Cross Trainer

                       Step Different!

The VeraStep Recumbent Ipsilateral side to side cross training motion is different than any other Recumbent Cross Trainer on the market! 

The ipsilateral motion provides a low impact cardio workout that engages users to activate different muscle groups than traditional contra-lateral cross trainers. By combining Ipsilateral movement in a seated position, the VersaStep challenges user balance and coordination while in a safe and comfortable seated position.

The VersaStep's contoured memory foam seat reclines to accommodate users up to 6'4" with a 500 lbs. weight capacity. The over-sized seat also swivels for easy access on and off the machine from either side.

The VersaStep is the only piece of equipment on the market that offers the balance and coordination benefits of total body Ipsilateral training in a stable and comfortable seated position.

Equipped with contact heart rate, 32 levels of resistance, 19 workout programs, and backed by a lifetime commercial frame warranty: the VersaStep is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your commercial facility or home gym.

What is Ipsilateral Training?

Ipsilateral Training is a side-to-side motion that connects your left arm and left leg / right arm and right leg. Ipsilateral movement increases stability requirements during your workout and trains your body to react to offsetting forces that can cause a fall or injury.

The side-to-side Ipsilateral movement challenges your body to move in a new way, activating different muscle groups that help promote greater balance and coordination.




·       User Height Range: 5' to 6'5"

·       Max User Weight: 500 lbs.

·       Ipsilateral Motion: Ipsilateral side to side cross training motion is different than any other Recumbent Cross Trainer on the market!

·       Swivel Seat: 360 Swivel Seat for entrance from the left or right side.

·       Heart Rate Programs: Built-in contact heart rate and heart rate control programs.

·       Balance & Coordination: The Ipsilateral motion challenges the users to Step Differently in a safe and comfortable seated position, allowing the user to focus on their balance and coordination.

·       32 Levels: Wide range of resistance from a low starting resistance to a challenging workout.

·       Isokinetic Training: Controlled RPM recovery training.

·       Commercial Grade: Used by Physical Therapists and Nurses around the World.

·       20" Wide Memory Foam Seat: 4" Tick Memory Foam Extra Wide 20" Memory Foam Seat with Contoured Reclining Seat Back.

·       Download Workout Report: Record workout reports and track patient progress including METS, WATTS, Total Steps, Time, Duration and more.

VersaStep Technical Details

·       Swivel Seat: 20" Oversized Seat Rotates 360° for Easy Access

·       Contact Heart Rate: Built in heart rate monitor in the seat handles

·       Seat Position: Fully Adjustable Forward and Backward (24" Range)

·       Resistance System: Smooth Electromagnetic

·       Resistance Levels: 1-32

·       Programs: 20 Set Programs and QuickStart

·       Total Body Workout: Ipsilateral Motion

·       Arm System: Multi-Position Ergo Grip Handles

·       Pedals: Oversized with Deep Heal Cups & Ergo Straps

·       Stride: 12" Elliptical Stride

·       Stabilization Kit: Optional View Details

·       User Height Range: 5' to 6'5"

·       Max User Weight: 500 lbs.

·       Power: Self Powered

·       Product Type: Commercial Grade

Computer Details

·       Display: High Definition 9" LCD Display

·       Quick Start: Easy Quick Start Button

·       Telescopic Display: Adjusts to keep your goals in sight and the display in reach.

·       Backlight: Easy to Read High Contrast LCD

·       USB Summary: Export Workout Data Including Peaks and Averages

·       Feedback: Time, Distance, Pulse, Steps Per Minute (SPM), Calories, WATTS, METs, Total Steps (PAUSE) & Resistance Level "1-32"

·       Programs:   19 Programs: Manual, Warm Up, Interval, Valley, Ramp, Mountain, Rolling, Climb, Random, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, HRC 65%, HRC 85%, ISOKENTIC, Constant Power (WATTS), Goal Calories, Goal Distance, 1 Custom Program.

·       Heart Rate: Built in Contact Heart Rate in Seat Handles


·       Frame: Lifetime

·       Mechanical Parts: 3 Year

·       Electronic Parts: 3 Year

·       Labor: 1 Year


Assembly Required: Seat, Arms, Display

Unit Dimensions: 67" L X 30" W X 40" H

Unit Weight: 210 lbs. 

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